Build a winning team in a 5-step program

Let's get acquainted

Introduce yourself and your company. Discover how I can help you and see if there is a click.

We assess what you have

Nobody wants to do double work. We'll continue what works and drop what doesn't.

We build a winning team

We translate your vision into tangible tools with which you can build your winning team.



Culture check-ins

You will get access to all my tools and we implement them together. We check in every week and monitor progress.

We have a fixed meeting hour per week. We will implement my tools together. You can also spar with me here and ask all your questions about culture.

Languages: English and Dutch

Ideal for:

Limited resources
Quick availability
Remote working

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Culture wingman

I will join your management team and together we work through my proven  5-step program to build a strong team.

I will spend 1 day a week with you in your office. On this day we have a 1-2 hours session with your management. Outside the sessions, I implement my tools for you. This allows me in the meantime to build a bond with your team. This ensures acceptance and support from the team.

Languages: English and Dutch

Ideal for:

Teams from 10-25 employees
Need inspiration and guidance
HQ in Netherlands

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